When you connect your YouTube and CWM account, you can enjoy the following features:

1. Automatic titles and descriptions for each event shared with YouTube Live.

When you share your live stream on YouTube, titles, and descriptions of that live event will be automatically populated, so long as you schedule the event in the CWM Live Service Guide. This will also save the same titles and descriptions on the YouTube recordings of that event. 

2. Stream key automation.

Never worry if your YouTube stream key has changed because CWM will always grab a new stream key for each live event shared with YouTube.

3. YouTube Live Prescheduling (coming soon)

When you schedule your live events through the CWM Live Service Guide, we'll also schedule that event with YouTube Live on your behalf automatically each week. 

Connecting your YouTube account:

Please ensure that you've enabled live streaming on your YouTube account first. You can do this by visiting your YouTube Live Dashboard here:  https://www.youtube.com/live_dashboard. If your YouTube account is not enabled for live streaming, you'll be prompted to 'Get Started'. When you've ensured that your YouTube account is ready for live streaming, proceed with the following steps:

 1. Log in to your CWM account and visit the Restream page from the CWM main menu.

2. Click the setup icon next to the "YouTube" restreaming option.

3. Click the "Sign in on YouTube" button and login to your YouTube account.

4. Approve all the permissions when prompted.

And that's it!  Your YouTube account is now connected. If you ever wish to disconnect your YouTube account visit the setup screen again and click the "Log off" option.