We're happy to announce our latest feature, online Video Scheduling!

Schedule your uploaded or recorded videos to be automatically played or rebroadcasted at specific times during the week.  You can schedule videos to playback-recurringly on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and can broadcast to all your outlets including your Roku channel and social media.

This feature is now available on our $59 plan.  Upgrade today or contact us for a trial of this feature on your account.

Start scheduling today!
To get started, log in to your CWM Dashboard and visit the Live Service Guide page. Click 'Add a New Event' and choose 'Video on demand broadcast' from the drop-down box and select your video from your archives listing along with entering a date, time title and descriptions of the aired-program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any limits to how much I can schedule?
You may have up to 5 scheduled video events per day.

Can I schedule more than 5 events per day?
Please contact us if you need more than 5 events per day.

How can I auto-broadcast my videos to Facebook Live?
Both live streams and scheduled videos can air automatically on Facebook Live when you schedule the event ahead of time within Facebook, and configure a 'Persistent Key'. To learn how to schedule and automatically share to Facebook Live, visit here.

Can I broadcast a live event and video event at the same time?
You can broadcast one event at any single time. If you schedule a video broadcast, you will not be able to live stream from an encoder until the video broadcast has ended.