Live Recording
Record your Sermons directly from the CWM control panel.

With this feature you can START / STOP your recording at anytime during your webcast.

After your recording has stopped it will be sent for processing and appear in your Sermon Archiving section when completed. Depending on how large your video is and how busy our servers are the processing time could take between 1 - 4 hours.

Recording Time Limit: 
You can record up to 3 hours max before your recording will be stopped automatically. 

We Recommend: 
To save time and account archiving space we recommend to start your recording right before the actual sermon begins rather then from the beginning of a service.

Archiving Hard Drive Space:
If your account does not have enough hard drive space available the recording option may not work for you. To add more space delete some old videos or contact us to add more to your account.

This is a recently launched new feature, so there are bound to be a few bugs before we make it perfect! If you rely on recording archives it is always a good idea to also record to your local hard drive as a backup resource. Please report any issues you experience.