If you are having trouble streaming to iOS devices please read the following instructions to make sure your encoder is properly configured.

Firstly make sure you are using an Encoder software, such as Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder or Wirecast to stream and NOT the "Webcaster" that is built into the website control panel.  

These instructions will show you how to make your stream compatible for both website viewing and iPhone, iPod & iPad viewing.

  1. Make sure your video 'Format' is set to 'H.264'.
  2. Make sure the H.264 codec is using the following profile:  'Baseline 3.0'.
  3. Make sure your audio 'Format' is set to 'AAC' or 'MP3'.
  4. Make sure your audio 'Channel' is set to 'Stereo'
  5. Make sure your audio 'Sample Rate' is set to '44100hz'.
  6. Set your audio 'Bit Rate' to any desired bit rate.

For step-by-step instructions for Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder, visit here.  

If you are still experiencing issues please contact us today for technical support.