Thank you to all our valued customers for your support. We wanted to post an update regarding Sunday's latency issue that occurred on 3/22/20 between 7:30 am thru 8:45 am Pacific Time.

We've been working hard since the issue occurred to identify and put into place a resolution. Due to the recent rapid expansion of our distribution network to handle more traffic, our real-time reporting hub became overloaded as real-time data flowed in during peak time from the newly expanded network.

All week we've been conducting performance tweaks, re-writing code, and performing load testing, and our real-time reporting hub is now much better to handle the influx of real-time data that will occur on Sundays.

We thank all of you for your prayers, and let's remember that God is always in control during this unprecedented time.  We pray for you and your families to be safe and healthy.